UWAFT team members talking about hybrid technology with local shoppers

The University of Waterloo Alternative Fuels Team (UWAFT) collaborated with Canadian Tire to engage with its local community on the technological advances happening in its garage. Although the weather was muggy, it didn’t affect the event – the team benefited from the high traffic and attention during a busy shopping weekend!

The majority of the public understood that hybrid technology is playing an increasingly important role in the auto industry. As a result, many people were interested in learning about the work being done by UWAFT and to discuss the merits and problems of various alternative fuels. In addition to educating people in the community, the team also had the opportunity to speak with Waterloo business owners and plant an early seed of interest with future students of UW.

The UWAFT team is passionate about developing new green technology and was delighted to have the opportunity to host the event at Canadian Tire.