MSU recently had the pleasure of hosting Mississippi Senator Alan Nunnelee on its campus.  The senator lead a candid discussion with political science and business students, as well as members of the EcoCAR team. Nunnelee spoke about the benefits of hybrids, MSU’s participation in the EcoCAR program, and political attitudes toward hybrid adoption.

Regarding political attitudes toward hybrids, the senator talked about the benefits of hybrids in relation to the economy and environment.  He also touched on some of the ramifications for the state’s budget.  A current example of those ramifications is the state tax on every gas purchase that goes to the building and repair of roads in the state; if hybrids became widely adopted in the area, cars would still wear on the roads, but purchase significantly less gas.  This would compel the state government to find new ways to make up for the shortage of gas revenues.

It was inspiring to hear the influential viewpoint of Senator Nunnelee and his enthusiasm about the EcoCAR program!