The Georgia Tech EcoCAR team is back on campus and back on the road. Since their vehicle’s SOC (state of charge) was at 66.5%, they recently decided to move away from testing engine starts and tried driving EV-only on Mode 1. Team members had to play around with the axle torque command as they needed about 170 Nm to get their vehicle moving on the ground. The team is thrilled because for the first time since they took their powertrain apart several months ago, they had their vehicle moving under its own power! Unfortunately, the team ran into some issues if they pushed too far on the pedal or the requested torque got too high. They were able to drive slowly for a bit around the lot in their garage and going in reverse worked fine.

The Georgia Tech team members collaborated with their GM mentors and addressed the engine difficulties in time for its first GT Interest Meeting of the year. The team was able to mark this occasion by driving the EcoCAR on campus for the first time since last year.

There are many more adjustments left to make, but GT is looking forward to every second of it. They’re gearing up to shock everyone during Year Three, which is going to be the best year yet!

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