As the University of Waterloo Alternative Fuels Team (UWAFT) enters Year Three of the EcoCAR Challenge, it is excited to refine the optimization strategy in its hydrogen fuel cell plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (FC-PHEV).  Although the team’s vehicle did not have enough power to run the dynamic events at the end of Year Two in Yuma, Arizona, UWAFT presented well in static events and had a strong showing in its outreach deliverables. They finished 8th overall in the final competition points for Year Two and continue to make big strides.

While in Yuma, the team took advantage of the extraordinary resources, including the equipment and expertise provided by the competition sponsors, which helped them pass safety inspection and fill their vehicle’s hydrogen tanks. Now able to fill the fuel tanks of its functioning all-electric vehicle, the team is in a good position to build a strong campaign in Year Three.

To catch a glimpse of the UWAFT vehicle running all-EV, check out the video below: