For the third consecutive year, the University of Waterloo’s Alternative Fuels Team (UWAFT) talked about their EcoCAR accomplishments with youth, parents, teachers and media at the Go Eng Girl and EcoBuzz events in southwestern Ontario. Go Eng Girl is an annual event that provides an opportunity for girls (ages 11 to 14 years old) from across Ontario to visit their local university and learn about the wonderful world of engineering.  Throughout the day, the young girls and their parents got to meet some of the female engineers working on Waterloo’s EcoCAR.

UWAFT team member, Allyson Giannikouris, explains hydrogen fuel cell technology to a father and daughter at the Go Eng Girl event in Waterloo, Ontario.

At the EcoBuzz conference, UWAFT gave local high school students the opportunity to participate in an interactive EcoCAR game and learn about the benefits of hydrogen fuel cell technology.

Eric Mallia, UWAFT’s Outreach Coordinator, distributing EcoCAR literature at the EcoBuzz event in Brampton, Ontario.

UWAFT’s main objective at these two youth-oriented events was to articulate the differences between the internal combustion engine and a hydrogen fuel cell system. The video shown below was used to help educate youth about the chemistry of fuel cells, which are needed to generate electricity for the team’s EcoCAR.