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If you weren’t able to attend SAE’s 2011 World Congress this week, EcoCAR 2 made quite a splash. Yesterday we announced that the GM-donated vehicle for EcoCAR 2: Plugging In to the Future will be a Chevrolet Malibu, and today DOE named the sixteen teams selected to participate in the competition.

Check out the video recap below to see what happened!

President Obama recently announced the creation of the National Clean Fleets Partnership, a public-private initiative dedicated to helping large companies use greener vehicles. Five private sector leaders, AT&T, FedEx, PepsiCo, UPS, and Verizon, will team up with the Department of Energy to convert a significant portion of their service fleets to electric or alternative fuel-vehicles.

These charter members own five of the top ten largest fleets in the country, operating more than 250,000 vehicles between them. Making their service vehicles cleaner will have a massive impact on America’s fuel consumption and environmental footprint, as well as saving the companies money in the long run.

EcoCAR congratulates the Obama administration and the five charter members on this initiative, and we hope the technologies EcoCAR teams are developing today will be in some of the Clean Fleet vehicles of the future!

Take a look at this video to learn more about the National Clean Fleets Partnership:

In Year Two, it took the HEVT team several days to get their VTREX vehicle through all aspects of the safety tech inspection. This year, however, the team used its experience to make the process as painless as possible. Prior to shipping the vehicle off to the Spring Workshop, HEVT ran multiple mock inspections that went through every requirement on the official inspection list. All this hard work paid off since the VTREX was the first of all sixteen teams to pass Safety Tech inspection at EPA, which allowed the car to get straight to emissions testing.

Every EcoCAR vehicle was required to pass all parts of the safety tech inspection before it could be driven in any road tests or approved for dynamometer testing. Key points of the EPA inspection include checking to make sure critical fasteners are torqued to the proper specifications, checking to ensure that wires and coolant hoses are properly secured and safe from potential damage or movement and checking the high voltage systems to ensure everything is correctly labeled and properly installed.

Check out the video below to see HEVT team member, Jesse Alley, walk through the key points of the safety tech inspection:

In order to make the wheels spin on UWAFT’s hydrogen fuel cell plug-in hybrid electric vehicle, the EcoCAR students at the University of Waterloo have successfully integrated two electric motors into the vehicle’s drivetrain – one at the front wheels and one at the rear wheels.  To effectively use the electricity of the team’s GM-donated fuel cell and A123Systems-donated battery, UWAFT needed frequent successful bench tests of its Siemens AC induction electric rear motor.

Since this motor was not originally intended to be incorporated into the stock GM sub-frame, UWAFT has designed a unique rear mounting system that retained the original suspension mounting points, while also housing the sizable motor.  Knowing that the electric motor would need to be detached from the vehicle on a regular basis for testing, UWAFT specially designed the rear sub frame to ensure that disassembly was as efficient as possible. The design was a success, effectively accommodating the electric motor while making it possible for two people to disassemble in 15 minutes. This small mechanical modification has led to an increase in productivity and overall efficiency when working on the motor.

Watch the video below to see a bench test of UWAFT’s rear electric motor in action!

As part of Indiana University’s Sustainability “Themester,” the Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology EcoCAR team brought their vehicle to Bloomington and put it on display. IU’s Themester is an initiative to engage the collective knowledge and creativity of the faculty and involve undergraduate students in the exploration of ideas that span all disciplines but relate back to one theme. The Fall 2010 theme at IU was Sustainability: Thriving on a Small Planet, so the EcoCAR competition was a fantastic tie-in.

IU was so impressed with RHIT’s EcoCAR that they featured the vehicle in the Themester’s closing ceremonies! Watch the video below to learn more:

The Green Ride & Drive during EcoCAR’s Spring Workshop generated several pieces of print coverage from media members who got to take a spin in an EcoCAR vehicle at the EPA’s National Vehicle and Fuel Emissions Laboratory. The publications that covered the event included The Detroit News, Autoweek, Automotive News and Xconomy Detroit.

Now the Ride & Drive has reached multimedia audiences thanks to an excellent video by Ohio PBS Station WOSU! Check out the clip below to hear about EcoCAR from the students and faculty WOSU interviewed at the event.

With the EcoCAR Final Competition just a few short months away, there is no shortage of work to be done. While the engineers were busy making final preparations for emissions testing at the Environmental Protection Agency’s National Vehicle and Fuel Emissions Laboratory, the Penn State outreach team has its own goals to accomplish.

Under the leadership of Penn State’s outreach coordinator, Allison Lilly, outreach team members are constantly brainstorming, planning and implementing events to promote advanced vehicle technologies. Each week there are events on campus, at local schools and in the community that present the opportunity to talk with people ranging from young children to state and federal officials.

Members have also heavily utilized social media and the team website as tools for two-way communication with community leaders and the general public. In addition to that feedback, the outreach team performed market research, which provides invaluable insights into consumers’ views of the automotive industry “going green.”

The Penn State outreach team will push themselves to finish strong during the remaining weeks of the competition. Even though there’s a shortage of time, there’s no shortage of opportunities—at least not for the dedicated members of Penn State EcoCAR.

Check out the video below to see local middle schoolers enjoying a visit from the team!

During EcoCAR’s Spring Workshop, TV quiz show Jeopardy! featured an entire category dedicated to Argonne National Laboratory.

The March 10 episode highlighted Argonne as a DOE site that is “helping to find new green ways to power America,” and challenged contestants on such subjects as battery innovation, solar power, and nuclear research.

Check out the video below to see the entire category play out!

EcoCAR’s 2011 Spring Workshop came to a successful close today, as all sixteen teams finished up testing at the EPA facilities. In addition to comprehensive vehicle inspections, the two week workshop included a Ride & Drive event for local media as well as learning and networking opportunities for the student team members.

Teams will now focus on what they learned at the Spring Workshop as they race to complete their vehicles for the competition finals in June!

Take a look at this video to hear what students, administrators, and media members had to say about the event:

Recently, the Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology hosted its annual Dad’s Day; an event for fathers to visit campus and see what their kids are working on at school.

This year, the Rose-Hulman EcoCAR team set up a presentation at the event that featured their vehicle. The team interacted with students and their parents for the afternoon and handed out promotional brochures and pens. Even though the event was intended mainly for the parents, the EcoCAR team also used Dad’s Day as an opportunity to recruit new members to the team and raise awareness of the EcoCAR competition.

Click here to watch a video of the RHIT team proudly displaying their EcoCAR!

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