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This video is currently the “Video of the Month” on the website for the Department of Energy’s Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy: Vehicle Technologies Program. The video, courtesy of MotorWeek, spotlights the folks from DOE’s Argonne National Laboratory to learn what it takes to make clean power sources viable.

Click here to learn more about the Argonne National Laboratory in Chicago.

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The answer to unlocking our energy future isn’t one “magic bullet,” nor are all the right solutions held by any one organization. The solutions are shared by many parties across multiple geographies, specialties and special interests. You could say that it takes the collective wisdom of many, working in Green Garages large and small, to deliver the breakthroughs we need.

So, we saw a little bit of ourselves in the DOE announcement that it’s devoting $786.5M to “help improve biofuels reliability and overcome key technical challenges, with the goal of creating third-generation biofuels such as renewable gasoline, diesel and jet fuels.” Granted, the EcoCAR Challenge isn’t part of that $786M, but we’d like to think we’re contributing to the bigger picture.
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