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Yesterday, President Obama announced in a speech at Georgetown University that by the year 2015, every new car and truck purchased by the federal government would be a hybrid, electric or alternative-fuel vehicle. His talk covered a broad range of U.S. Energy Policy issues, but the President called special attention to innovation in the automotive industry as a key component to America’s goal of energy independence.

Obama’s policy highlights how crucial new thinking – the same type of thinking our EcoCAR teams strive toward – has become for our nation. Given our focus on clean vehicle innovation, it is likely that the vehicles the federal government purchases in 2015 will have similar designs and architectures as our very own EcoCARs!

Check out President Obama’s full speech in the video below.

Mentoring and teaching the youth can be a rewarding experience.  EcoCAR sponsors and organizers often find it inspiring to help university students learn about the process of designing fuel-efficient vehicles and the EcoCAR students find it inspiring to teach elementary students about energy and green vehicle technology. One of those teaching moments happened on Saturday at the Daytona International Speedway race track.

While the EcoCAR students were attending the Winter Workshop and learning about new hardware and software for their vehicles, regional Boy Scouts came to the race track to spend the weekend and participate in various educational activities. EcoCAR organizers and students visited the Scouts on Saturday to show them one of the EcoCAR vehicles. Read the rest of this entry »

Jerry Checking Out MSU's VUE

Jerry Checking Out MSU's VUE

Jerry Greenfield, co-founder of Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream, visited the MSU EcoCar team Wednesday, September 30. Jerry came to MSU’s campus for the College of Business’s 3rd Annual Leadership Summit. The lecture series concluded with a “Peace, Love, and Leadership” Closing Extravaganza. Here, more than 2,000 students gathered for free Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream, festival booths and a speech by Mr. Greenfield on social responsibility. We feel that Ben and Jerry’s commitment to fair trade, going green and sustainability tie closely with some of EcoCar’s many messages. In addition to our station, the Extravaganza included booths from organizations such as the Community Service and Sustainability Committee, MSU Energy Management, MSUEco and the Starkville Community Market. The new MSU EcoCar was a big hit. Several students, faculty and community members stopped by to ask questions about the car; the MSU Shuttle drivers were especially fascinated by the more technical details of the mechanics. Jerry himself came to check out the booth before his presentation, asking detailed questions about the EcoCar project and sharing our enthusiasm for efforts towards sustainability.

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See For More Info

See For More Info

The answer to unlocking our energy future isn’t one “magic bullet,” nor are all the right solutions held by any one organization. The solutions are shared by many parties across multiple geographies, specialties and special interests. You could say that it takes the collective wisdom of many, working in Green Garages large and small, to deliver the breakthroughs we need.

So, we saw a little bit of ourselves in the DOE announcement that it’s devoting $786.5M to “help improve biofuels reliability and overcome key technical challenges, with the goal of creating third-generation biofuels such as renewable gasoline, diesel and jet fuels.” Granted, the EcoCAR Challenge isn’t part of that $786M, but we’d like to think we’re contributing to the bigger picture.
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