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On October 7, Happy Valley was packed with students, alumni, and fans waiting to see the Penn State Nittany Lions take on the Ohio State Buckeyes. While the stadium was bursting with people ready to watch a great football game, a group of students were close by promoting automotive and energy sustainability.

Nestled on the east side of Beaver Stadium near the MorningStar Solar Home, the Penn State and Ohio State EcoCAR teams were setting up shop for a busy day. Despite the football rivalry, Penn State invited Ohio State to a friendly tailgate, giving friends, family, alumni, and visitors an opportunity to see both hybrid vehicles first hand.

At the tailgate, the teams talked about their vehicle designs for both the EcoCAR and Challenge X advanced vehicle technology competitions (AVTC). Many people stopped by and were interested in learning more about the program. The teams shared stories and discussed the benefits of having programs like EcoCAR offered at their universities. 

The sustainability tailgate was a great success. Despite the school rivalry, the EcoCAR teams showed fans and tailgaters that while they hold grudges on the field, they can come together for a sustainable cause. Penn State is excited to carry on the tailgate tradition and is looking forward to showing off their EcoCAR next year.

Penn State and Ohio State team members at the sustainability tailgate

The Ohio Transportation Engineering Conference (OTEC)  is a two-day conference attended by over 2,400 people from across the United States who are interested in Ohio’s transportation industry. OTEC is co-sponsored by the Ohio Department of Transportation and The Ohio State University. The program addresses the latest policies and technical information, as well as new ideas in transportation policies, planning, design, construction, maintenance, operation, local government, and management of transportation resources.
The Ohio State EcoCAR team attended the conference and was introduced at the opening ceremony. Civil engineers and public officials stopped by the team’s booth to discuss the project and learn more about what Ohio State is doing to contribute to the state and nation’s future. The team explained what the EcoCAR Challenge was all about and the Challenge X vehicle was on display to give attendees a visual (Challenge X was the Advanced Vehicle Technology Competition prior to EcoCAR that the OSU team participated in). OTEC offered technical and informational sessions to the members of The Ohio State EcoCAR team – it was a great opportunity!
The team received praise for its involvement in the EcoCAR Challenge and is looking forward to going back to the conference next year.


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The Winning OSU Team

The Winning OSU Team

We are excited to be writing a blog as the EcoCAR Year 1 Champs! Here is a little information about our team and a reflection of what has contributed to our success this year.

How did OSU get involved in EcoCAR?

OSU has been a participant in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) competitions such as FutureCAR, FutureTruck and ChallengeX since 1992. Most recently, our biodiesel, parallel-through-the-road hybrid electric vehicle placed 3rd in the final year of Challenge X, along with multiple awards including the MathWorks: Crossover to Model-Based Design Award. In addition, the OSU team placed a significant emphasis on marketing and outreach efforts in Challenge X, paving the way for further sophistication of Advanced Vehicle Technology Competitions through the increased Business and Outreach focuses in the EcoCAR Challenge Competition.
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ohiostate_logo1The Ohio State University is no stranger to national championships, but today’s EcoCAR Challenge victory was a first. Actually an international competition (including teams and sponsors from Canada), the EcoCAR Challenge didn’t showcase touchdown runs or fast breaks, but it did feature world-class talent. In fact, with all due respect to all OSU’s student athletes, the prowess this team demonstrated over the past year designing their Extended Range Electric Vehicle (EREV) may someday change the world.

Although the EcoCAR Challenge can only crown one winner for the first year, congratulations are also due to second-place winner University of Victoria and third-place winner Mississippi State University.
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The EcoCAR Challenge Year One Finals continue from Toronto, Canada. 17 teams are locked in heated competition, but you’ll see in this video that there’s also a fun side to aspiring engineers. Keep your eyes open for excessive energy drink consumption, team members hearing voices and pugilistic engineers. Also note the awards given out to The Ohio State and Embry-Riddle.

Welcome behind the scenes of the EcoCAR Challenge Year One Finals. Enjoy the sites and sounds from DAY THREE.

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