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This video describes A123Systems’ technology and its participation as a sponsor in the EcoCAR Challenge.


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Rose-Hulman Alums Checking out the VUE

Rose-Hulman Alums Checking out the VUE

Recently, Rose-Hulman celebrated the time honored tradition of welcoming valuable alumni back to Dear Old Rose for homecoming.

Rose alumni, students and their parents not only got to watch the famed Rose bonfire burn and see their Fightin’ Engineers play football this weekend, but they were also able to stop by the EcoCAR booth for some valuable EcoCAR information and have a look at the RHIT EcoCAR team’s new GM-donated vehicle.

Alums old and new were fascinated by the idea that undergrad students like us have the chance to work on a project like EcoCAR that most of them did not get to work on when they were in school. Boy, have times changed. We’re getting so much real world engineering experience with this project compared to our predecessors! Adults and kids alike got to see the car up close and personal and have all of their questions answered about the EcoCAR project and hybrids in general. It was a successful event! We informed the Rose community about EcoCAR and alums told us about their time at Rose while encouraging us to succeed in our project! We’re going to make them proud in Year 2 of competition!

Also check out the Tribune Star story about homecoming here:

For more information about the Rose-Hulman EcoCAR team, visit:

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The Team & Its New Saturn VUE

The Team & Its New Saturn VUE

Today, the Rose-Hulman EcoCAR team finally got their much anticipated Saturn VUE. The shiny, new aquamarine blue VUE is a big contrast to the familiar red and white of the Fightin’ Engineers on campus, but it is certainly a welcomed change. After patiently waiting for the VUE to unload, advisors Dr. Chambers and Dr. Herniter took some of the team members for a ride around the Rose-Hulman campus. Basically, we took the delivery opportunity to get some free advertisement of our EcoCAR team. We’re pretty sure now that everyone on campus knows that they should get involved in EcoCAR, help us tear the VUE apart, and put it back together to make the best hybrid out there. After logging in 8.7 miles around Rose, and testing everything out, our new aquamarine VUE is tucked away awaiting its reveal at lab tomorrow and at media and outreach events in the coming weeks. We know Year 2 is going to be awesome with our VUE!

For more information about the Rose-Hulman EcoCAR team, visit:

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Patrick Davis of the U.S. Department of Energy spends time talking with EcoCAR students from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and Michigan Tech about being involved with the EcoCAR Challenge. Check it out to see what impressed DOE the most and what’s ahead for Year Two of the Challenge.

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